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"I went to Sandra because I'd been diagnosed with a skin condition. From my own research I could see that the right nutrition and a healthy gut biome would be key in helping to manage my condition and to stop it getting worse. Although I was very motivated to help myself, I knew I didn't have the knowledge or skills to work out what was needed. From what I'd read, I thought that the naturopathic route might be a positive way forward and this led me to contacting Sandra.  


With Sandra's expert help and guidance I'm now managing my condition, the symptoms of which are absent at the time of writing. Her knowledge, skills, and pragmatic support were fundamental to the process we worked through together. I always found her very personable; she was clear but never dogmatic - always flexible with alternatives if needed.


Sandra mainly focussed on nutrition and supplements but also took a holistic view which is part of her approach.  I now understand a lot more about the body/gut/mind connection. I've also learnt so much about nutrition, and how to integrate this knowledge into my own daily life. It guides my choices in the way I eat and care for myself generally.


Sandra has been brilliant. I'm absolutely sure that without her expertise and support I'd be nowhere near as healthy as I am now. And - equally important - I'd also be far less able to help myself. Thank you so much Sandra! "


SC April 2022

"I have worked with many Naturopaths over the years, but they never solved my long term digestive issues. The first time I met Sandra she listened and understood what I needed.  Her incredible knowledge, professionalism and looking at both the body and mind, has at last brought my body back to good health in quite a short time of working with her.  I highly recommend you book an appointment, as in my eyes she is the best Naturopath around, and I am so very grateful that I found her…  Five Stars!! " C.L


"I love my sessions with Sandra. She is warm and funny and really knows her stuff. She draws in lots of different elements to the session and creates a bespoke plan that is achievable and has had amazing results. She got rid of my long standing Candida within weeks and is now helping with other areas I want to address, already with positive results. She works within my budget for supplements and has some great alternatives that really help. I highly recommend her and think everyone would benefit from a session with her." K.S


"Working with Sandra has been great! She has helped immensely with my digestive complaints and I have achieved almost all my therapy goals. This despite years of trying everything under the Sun (and Moon) and many practitioners. She is attentive, direct, cost effective and empathetic. I would highly recommend her services."

Thanks Sandra.    Tom -Brighton


"Visiting Sandra was a leap into the unknown which I am very glad I did. Sandra is incredibly knowledgeable and pragmatic in her approach and has helped me loose a considerable amount of weight, improve my general health and wellbeing, improve my energy levels and also provided me with an understanding of what does and doesn't work for me and my body! I am very glad that I booked that initial consultation and couldn't recommend Sandra enough! "Phil A


"Sandra is a fantastic practitioner. She helped me change my relationship to food. I have never heard someone say eat more to diet. She did and I lost loads of weight. The right food and the right advice." Jess W.


"It's so refreshing to be given such good, sensible and practical advice which has been of real benefit to my health and wellbeing. I was worried I might be told what 'not to do, not to eat', etc, but Sandra takes an entirely different approach based on a holistic view of one's individual life and needs - I highly recommend her." Daryl D.


"Sandra is highly knowledgeable and thorough and works with you to optimise your nutrition and tackle health issues." Jenny B.


"Sandra is absolutely fantastic, she creates a very relaxed atmosphere and is so friendly and knowledgeable. I trust her implicitly in her advice and care" Lilly


"Sandra is wonderful - incredibly knowledgeable, she really takes her time to establish your concerns and is always full of suggestions to make changes to your diet & lifestyle..." Deborah P.




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