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Functional Testing

Why Use Functional Testing?      

Functional testing is a fantastic tool in getting to the root cause of any health issue and can result in a much faster resolution.

Often when someone is feeling unwell they will have GP blood tests and are told that everyhing is 'normal'. Normal reference ranges have more to do with statistics than health so we often need to dig a bit deeper.

I work with a number of leading laboratories to offer a wide range of health tests and continually research and study the wide range of new and available testing.


Within a 1:1 consultation we will discuss if any functional testing will be helpful for you. Testing is only recommended when we're clear that it will clearly inform us and make a difference


Everyone is unique, so test recommendations will differ for everyone and for some testing is neither helpful nor needed


If we do decide to use functional testing,  I will fully explain & interpret the results for you, provide you with an interpretation summary and build into your plan


Microbiome testing (stool, oral & vaginal), blood testing, urine and hair testing are all available


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Health profiles available:


Full Thyroid health check

Cholesterol, liver enzymes

Vitamin & minerals levels

Organic acids & oxalates

Cardiovascular Health check

Genetic testing

Heavy meals/toxic exposure

Mycotoxin (mold) exposure

Autoimmune antibodies

Chronic infections (viral, yeast etc)

Mitochondrial energy production

Available tests include: -


Adrenal Stress Profile DUTCH Complete, DUTCH Plus, looking at imbalances in stress & sex hormones which may affect energy levels and mood as well as contribute to many other conditions including anxiety, inflammation, menstrual problems, infertility and recurrent infections.


Gut and Microbiome -Gi EcolgiX, SIBO Breath Testing, Oral EcologiX, Female EcolgiX , Organic acids- comprehensive analysis of the micorbial ecosystems and chronic disease-related microbial (bacteria, yeast, parasites) markers, which are backed by the clinical literature, alongside host health markers.


Female Health & Fertility Testing - DUTCH Complete, DUTCH Cycle Mapping, Female Ecologix, Oral Ecolgix, Blood Chemistry

investigating imbalances in stress & sex hormones, infertility, immunity and recurrent infections.


Food intolerence testing - linking to gut health and systemic symptoms


Sample reports available to download or get in touch to ask more information.



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