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Functional Testing: Blood Chemistry Profiles

Value of Blood Testing

Blood has a lot to tell us about our state of health and the blood chemistry and CBC / hematology test is the most commonly ordered medical lab test worldwide. These blood tests are an integral part of Western clinical medicine and are used to aid in the diagnostic decision-making process.

However, many, many people start to feel unwell long before a traditional blood test becomes diagnostic and more often than not they are told that “everything on your blood test looks normal.”

The issue is not that the blood test is a poor diagnostic tool, we must consider that the ranges used on a traditional lab test are based on statistics and not on whether a certain value represents good health or optimal physiological function.  "Normal” reference ranges usually represent “average” populations rather that the optimal level required to maintain good health.


The Functional Approach

The functional approach to blood testing is oriented around changes in physiology and not pathology, using ranges that are based on optimal physiology and not the “normal” population. This results in a tighter “Functional Physiological Range”, which allows us to evaluate the area within the “Normal” range that indicates that something is not quite right in the physiological systems associated with this biomarker.



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Thriva fingerprick blood testing


When we just need to check one or two markers then finger prick testing is also a good option. These can be completed at home.


(Please note that all at home blood finger-prick test providers on the market use standard ranges and not functional ones)


Tests available include Vitamin D and thyroid markers


Functional Dx : Advanced Blood Chemistry Profiles

With up to 125 biomarkers analysed, their analytical and interpretive software analyzes the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in the body.  Their reporting algorithm analyses; 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macro nutrient systems and assesses the status of 14+ nutrient assessments and over 40 clinical dysfunctions to provide the most comprehensive blood marker reporting on the market today.


There are a variety of profiles available  from general health screening to more specific profiles such as Fertility, Cognitive Health, Ageing Well and and Weight loss.  A blood draw with centrifuge  is required.  Get in touch for more information

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