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Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine


I'm passionate about all aspects of health and specifically focus on gut health (including IBS & SIBO), supporting fertility and thyroid health.


If you are struggling with any of these and are ready to start feeling better then get in touch and we can book a free 15 min chat to see if I can help with your health


Start your journey to feeling fantastic again with my functional nutrition and lifestyle approach.  










Appointments available in Brighton & Hove and via Skype


*To book an appointment :

Email via contact form or call 01273 251575












"Sandra your input has been PRICELESS! Thank you for steering me through weight loss and health gain"  J.W


I have had amazing results with the help and direction from  Sandra, I would highly reccommend" Z.R.


“ My digestive system has never felt so good! My sleep is better and I’m really feeling llke my old self again ” R.H.


Call 01273 251575


Balance, Nourish, Energise your Body & Mind