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Consultation Information

During a one-to-one consultation we will discuss your helath and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in acheving your goals.

This means I may change your diet, make use of nutraceutical supplementation, recommend you make some lifestyle changes and if helpful ask you to participate in functional testing.


Every single person is an individual with unique requirements so it's important ot get a personalised nutiriton plan rahter than follow a 'one size fits all' approach.


Free initial 15 min consultation - book here


Initial Consultations

60 minutes          £75  (includes 1 x 10 min folllow up phone call)


Follow up progress reviews, support and coaching

Express - 30 minutes                             £40

Regular - 60 minutes                              £60


Health Coaching support

For weekly coaching calls, dedicated email and telephone support for 1, 3, or 6 months depending on your health concerns and availability.


Nutrigenomic /genetic interpretation & reporting

Genetic testing alongside a full fucntional medicine assessment Your overall health is determined by the interaction of your genes with the enviroment you find yourself in  To book in advance get in touch


Call 01273 251575 or contact here

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