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Consultation Information


Free initial 10 min discovery call - book here


Initial Consultation

75-90 minutes                       £125


Follow up progress appointments for review, support and coaching

60 minutes                              £95


Health Coaching support

For weekly coaching calls, dedicated email and telephone support for 1, 3, or 6 months depending on your health concerns and availability.


Nutrigenomic /genetic interpretation & reporting

Genetic testing alongside a full fucntional medicine assessment Your overall health is determined by the interaction of your genes with the enviroment you find yourself in.


Functional Testing  - the value of progressing with any testing is discussed at our consultations and charged separately

What happens when you come and see me?

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You can either book online or get in touch via my contact form. Once you have booked your appointment, within the confirmation email there is a link  to my Welcome Pack. I ask that this is completed and and returned within 48hours in order to confirm your appointment.  This pack includes a health questionnaire and a food diary,  and by filling this in beforehand it means we can both be clear on what your health goals are and it gives a complete view of your health before we meet.   Whilst your body's systems may not seem connected they definitely are and by getting all the basic info recorded in advance it allows us to make the most of our consultation time together!



When I first start working with my clients the most crucial phase is the initial consultation. It is before and during the initial consultation that I am able to build up a picture of your health journey, goals and challenges.


Initially I assess your health history & analysis, medical history, current & past symptoms, nutrition habits, lifestyle, and mental & emotional stressors.


Together we will then devise a bespoke and practical plan to help you move forward and reach your health goals. We may also consider the possibility of additional laboratory functional testing to help guide recommendations and to get to the bottom of your current challenges.


You will leave with a written plan and then receive added information sheets and additional support to supplement the plan via email.



We then have ongoing appointments for support, discuss any challenges,  annd progess with next phase of recommendations so that I can support and motivate you to continue and succeed.

Every single person is an individual with unique requirements so it's important ot get a personalised plan rather than follow a 'one size fits all' approach.


Typically there are 2 – 6 follow-ups over 3 – 9 months in order that your programme be developed and revised as you progress. However they can continue as frequently or infrequently as you feel you need to reach your goals - how I work with every person can be very different and is adapted to meet your needs.  Read reviews here