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The basis of Nutritional Therapy  


As a naturopath and nutritional therapy practitioner, I take evidence based up-to-date science with a healthy dose of experience and instinct and blend those into producing a programme that meets your health goals.


Every single person is an individual with unique requirements, so it's important to get a personalised nutrition plan rather than follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Working with me is not about restriction and deprivation in any way. It’s about total health abundance, and freedom to be able to enjoy the food you eat, and feel wonderful from the inside out.

It is important to rebalance, nourish and rejuvenate your body and mind

Is it for you?


There are so many health concerns which can be successfully balanced and supported such as:


Acne, anxiety, allergies, candida, cardiovascular health, colds, coughs, chronic conditions, crohn’s, depression, detoxification, emotional and mental health, digestive disorders, eczema, fatigue and tiredness, food and environmental sensitivities/intolerances, hayfever, headaches, hormonal issues such as hormone balancing, infertility, immune system health (including auto-immune conditions), PMT and menstrual complaints, menopause, IBS, inflammation, insomnia, leaky gut and gut health, migraines, pre-conception care, pregnancy and post-natal health, recurrent infections, SIBO, sinus problems, skin imbalances, sleep quality and consistency, sports nutrition, stress, thyroid problems, ulcerative colitis, urinary disorders and much more.


What is a Naturopathic approach?


Naturopathic medicine looks to

-  find the root cause of the condition rather than focusing on symptoms

-  finding ways to encourage your body to heal itself.

- prevent and protect against the development  of disease.