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Working with Sandra has been great! She has helped immensely with my digestive complaints and I have achieved almost all my therapy goals. This despite years of trying everything under the Sun (and Moon) and many practitioners. She is attentive, direct, cost effective and empathetic. I would highly recommend her services."

Thanks Sandra.

Tom -Brighton


"Visiting Sandra was a leap into the unknown which I am very glad I did. Sandra is incredibly knowledgeable and pragmatic in her approach and has helped me loose a considerable amount of weight, improve my general health and wellbeing, improve my energy levels and also provided me with an understanding of what does and doesn't work for me and my body! I am very glad that I booked that initial consultation and couldn't recommend Sandra enough! "Phil A


"Sandra is a fantastic practitioner. She helped me change my relationship to food. I have never heard someone say eat more to diet. She did and I lost loads of weight. The right food and the right advice." Jess W.


"It's so refreshing to be given such good, sensible and practical advice which has been of real benefit to my health and wellbeing. I was worried I might be told what 'not to do, not to eat', etc, but Sandra takes an entirely different approach based on a holistic view of one's individual life and needs - I highly recommend her." Daryl D.


"Sandra is highly knowledgeable and thorough and works with you to optimise your nutrition and tackle health issues." Jenny B.


"Sandra is absolutely fantastic, she creates a very relaxed atmosphere and is so friendly and knowledgeable. I trust her implicitly in her advice and care" Lilly


"Sandra is wonderful - incredibly knowledgeable, she really takes her time to establish your concerns and is always full of suggestions to make changes to your diet & lifestyle..." Deborah P.


"Sandra is an amazing practitioner. She's not like other nutritionists, doesn’t judge what I have or haven’t done, my diet, or just give a long list of supplements to buy. She is working with me to make gentle permanent changes in safe and supportive way. After two visits I am sleeping better, not craving sugar as much and feeling less anxious and up and down emotionally. I feel like caring for myself in terms of what I eat is becoming easier. She understands deeply the emotive nature of food and knows changes take time if they are to be lasting."

Emma, Brighton


“ My digestive system has never felt so good! My sleep is better and I’m really feeling llke my old self again ” R.H.


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